Water Closures

The Moat is closed all day on Saturdays until 15 June 2019 for work parties.

 Kennel Lane is closed on the following Satudays  until 12.00pm on the following dates

20 April 2019

27 April 2019

4 May 2019

11 May 2019

18 May 2019

Senior citizens and members under 16 can fish at those times as they are not expected to do work parties.


More fish for Kennel Lane

On the 28.1.19 another consignment of fish was introducted into this fishery. The fish mainly consisted of roach, with a small amount of rudd. These were purchased to replace some of the fish taken by the cormarants. Cost to the club was £1000.00. If you arrive at the fishery and see these large black birds, either on the water or perched on the top of the conifers please do what ever you can to deter them from eating the fish.

Match date change and new matches

The match posted for 31 March 2019 has been moved back to 24 March 2019. There are new matches listed too.

Parking at The Moat Fishery

Please note that members can no longer park outside the Ashleigh Centre on Saturdays and Sundays as the car park is in use by the Centre on those days. On weekdays the parking has never been allowed.

General Data Protection Regiulation

The new law came into effect in May 2018 and it affects the way clubs keep information about it's members.

We can assure all members that the club does nor share your personal information with any organisation or any other individual outside of our commitee.

The information we hold about members,i.e. names , addresses, contact telephone numbers is purely for membership purposes only and is kept secure.We rely on members to inform us of any changes to these details.  You do have the right to change any of your personal information that the club holds. As an organisation we now have to show that we are complying with this new legislation by bringing it to your attention.

Basildon & District Angling Society works hard to keep your data secure. As a membership organisation we do not and will not share your data with any other organisation or individual who is not a member of our committee.

The full code of practice guidelines can be seen on the Information Commissisoners website.

Match time changes

Due to popular demand all matches after 6 May 2018 will revert to draw 8.00am fish 9.00am to 3.00pm

Amendment to Rule 36

The following amendment was proposed and carried at the 2016 AGM.  Rule 36 will now read as follows;

No junior member shall be allowed on club waters unless they are:-

  • Fishing
  • With a senior member 18 or over who will be responsible for them.
  • Attending an official work party.
  • Fishing during the hours of darkness whilst with a senior member aged 18 or over.

Rule books will be updated at the next print

Fish for All

On the 2nd March 2016 an injection of fish was made in both The Moat and Kennel Lane fisheries.  We had 200 tench introduced to the Moat, while there were 200 Crucian carp 100 stillwater chub and appoximately 250 roach put into the Lane.  With these we hope that you will continue to enjoy your sport and have a good 2016.

Two Rods

As in the rule book 2 rods can be used in daylight hours from 1st October until 1st March (both dates included).  Please fish with consideration for others wanting to use the water.

Our waters are clean - 2015

In July 2014 we imposed a keep net ban as a precaution as reports were being received that the desease KHV was in Essex.  At no time was the Moat or Kennel Lane infected, this was simply a precaution. We have now taken the same steps this year (2015) and imposed a keep net ban on both waters.  These precautions have been supported by the EA and CEFAS who complimented the club on its quick action.

The recent loss of carp at Kennel Lane was not a result of KHV, SPV or any other desease. The EA and CEFAS have visited the fishery and both the water and the fish are clean.  The deaths, mainly mirror carp were a result of a rise in tempreture which caused an increase in sexually activity to spawn again.

To help keep our waters clean please ensure your landing nets and un-hooking mats are completely  dry between sessions. Prevention is better than cure!  The keep net ban will remain until advised with the exception of any official matches as all nets will then be examined by the Match Secretary on the day of the match.

The fish keep coming

The fish keep coming.

On 12th December 2014 100 10" tench and 300 bream from 10" to 3lb were introduced into the Kennel Lane fishery.  It is hoped that we will continue to improve the stock in both the Moat and the Lane, provided funds are available to cover these costs.

Toilets at Kennel Lane

For those of you who do not fish the Lane on a regular basis this is to advise you that a portoloo has now been instaled.  One cubical for men and ladies so please keep them clean.  Under contract these will be emptied and cleaned weekly.  The contract covers us until November when the cubical will be removed, locked or extended.

More fish for Kennel Lane

This is to advise members that in January 2014 35 tench at 2lb each + 100 (8" - 10") tench were introduced to the water.  This is part of our ongoing stocking plan and should continue to improve weights.

Night Tickets and Night Permits are not available on the bank

Members wishing to purchase these permits can only get them at the club hut at the Moat House Fishery on a Wednesday evening between 7.30pm and 8.30am. They can only be bought on production of your current membership card.They are not available on the bank or in local tackle shops.

More fish for Kennel Lane

1,000 6 to 10 inch  Roach and Rudd have been put in the water on 13th March 2013. The fish are part of the ongoing stocking programme. We plan to put further tench, crucians and Carp in the water in the near future.

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